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  • Case Studies & Project Profiles
    While no state has yet implemented the new Section 811 Project PRA option authorized in The Melville Act , TAC has worked with several states that have designed and implemented cost-effective systems-level initiatives to create integrated supportive housing for people with disabilities. Case studies of these states’ approaches demonstrate several key features that led to the supportive housing innovations in the Melville Act. Profiles of affordable housing projects in these states that have integrated supportive housing units are also included.
  • Supportive Housing Innovations
    The supportive housing is created through a formalized partnership that involves at a minimum the State Housing Agency and the State Health and Human Services Agency. While local partners - including housing developers and human service provider agencies - are critical to the implementation of PSH, primary funding for the affordable housing and support services comes through state agencies; state agency involvement is critical to obtaining these resources. These state-level partnerships help leverage mainstream affordable rental housing development for people with the most significant disabilities, while ensuring those most in need can access the newly created housing units. These partnerships also ensure that tenants are linked with appropriate services and supports funded with Medicaid and other community-based service resources.